Firma ANTIKORO VILÉMOV s.r.o. se zabývá produkcí širokého sortimentu výrobků z lisovaného plechu (kovové lopatky na smetí a na uhlí, potravinová struhadla, krbové, kamnové a kouřové příslušenství atd.).

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Holder of ČSN EN ISO 9001:2001 and ČSN EN ISO 14001:2005 certificates




Coal Shovels

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Pans — an indispensable house-help. Metal pans of ANTIKORO VILÉMOV are evidence that also a common product may be of a good quality, with a lot of wear and be smart. An optimum shape and size of the pan serve for holding the dust on the pan during handling. The advantage of the pans is also a high robustness and long life period.

The whole coal shovel is made of metal. Available option with wooden handle. The shovel is made of deep-drawing metal sheet with surface treatment by paint-coating (plastics powder coating technology — RAL colour shades) or of a galvanized metal sheet.